Age of War 2 is the second game of the Age of War series. It consists seven ages rather than five like in the previous game and it features two new evolutionary ages which are the Spartan and Egyptian Ages.

The game allows to change the movements of each troops.

Age of war Secret trophy guides Trophy 1: Kill a robot type troop using a human type troop Trophy 2: Kill a human type troop using a robot type troop Trophy 3: Crash your bombing plane into the enemy bombing plane in military era (by khater Muntader)


There are 7 ages in this game:

Stone Age

Spartan Age

Egyptian Age

Medieval Age

Rennaissance Age

Modern Age

and Future Age


  • The Spartan and Egyptian Ages are the only ages that are exclusive in this game.
  • The Speedy Dino and Assault Dino are the first units to have female characters.
  • The Future Age consist of five units rather than four.