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Age of War is a tactical warfare strategy game that revolves around defending your base and destroying the enemy base.

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Age of War[]

Originally released in 2007 by Louissi, Age of War became a timeless classic, with many regarding it as the birth of the popularization of flash games. In these base defense games, you play as a defender of your base and spawn units which act as both defense and offence, marching linearly across the map to the opponent's (an AI) base. If a base's hit points (HP) drop to zero, the opponent wins. As such, the objective of the game is to reduce the opponent's base HP to zero.

The soundtrack for this game, Glorious Morning (by WaterFlame), also received critical acclaim and is nostalgic to many players.

Since flash support has been officially terminated for much of the internet as of December 31st 2020, the game is now playable via Ruffle.

Louissi's NewGrounds page can be found here, though he is more active on his twitter.



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