Army of Ages Intro

Army of Ages Intro

I found this video in the Army of Ages intro I hope it serves: D

Alien Invaders

Alien Invaders are the only non-playable age in Army of Ages and they appear as the main enemy in the game.


Unit Health Damage Type
Crawler 70 10 Biological, light
Spitter 35 8(ranged) Biological, light
Frelon 20 10(ranged) Flying, biological, light
Charger 90 20 Biological, heavy
Evolved crawler 150 20 Biological, light
Floater 40 10(ranged) Flying, biological, heavy
Kamizaze 50 10(AOE on death) Biological, light
Evolved Frelon 200 30(ranged) Flying, biological
Acid walker 70 20(ranged) Biological, heavy
Nightmare 70 15(ranged) Flying, heavy, mechanical
Evolved spitter 80 20(ranged) Biological, light
Evolved floater 500 70(ranged) Flying, biological, heavy
Evolved kamizaze 300 40(AOE on death) Biological, light
Evolved nightmare 800 100(ranged) Flying, heavy, mechanical
Evolved Charger 500 60 Biological, heavy
Evolved acid walker 200 60(ranged) Biological, heavy

All values are gathered from normal mode.

Turrets Edit

Turrets are structures that are stationary and attack units. The only turrets the aliens have are the original ones they start with.

Plasma Blob

  • Health:5000
  • Damage:50
  • Position:In front of the second water hole

Acid Mushroom

  • Health:10000
  • Damage:100
  • Positions: 1 in between the second and third water hole, another behind the third water hole


  • This is the only age that is not based on a real life historical age.