Anticristum is an evolution-based tower defense game that was made by framar from Newgrounds. It has a same elements from Age of War games, but instead of a player and computer will have a same age like from all Age of War games (except for Army of Ages), you will choose either Jesus Christ, the game's protagonist or the Anti-Christs which are consists of five historical figures and serves as the main antagonists. 


The gameplay is same as Age of War games.


The original evolutionary ages of this game are being replaced by a religious and historical icons, but Jesus Christ is the only icon that does not have a real-life historical age which is based on Heaven.

  • Jesus Christ
  • Imperator Julius Caesar
  • Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Führer Adolf Hitler
  • Terrorist Osama Bin Laden
  • Antichrist Pope Mabus


  • The remaining four antichrists of this game has a similar historical ages from Age of War games which consist of the following:
    • Julius Caesar = Roman Empire 
    • Napoleon Bonaparte = French Revolution 
    • Adolf Hitler = World War II Era
    • Osama Bin Laden = Afghanistan War
  • The angels in Level 1 Jesus Christ are bears a resemblance to Archangels especially Gabriel and Michael.
  • Most infantry units in Jesus Christ are angels except in Level 5 which consists of Saints and Apostles.
  • Adolf Hitler is the only antichrist that has a tank unit.
    • Once if you play as Jesus Christ and evolved to level 3, He will got a tank unit which is same as a German Panzer IV, but in gold with a Crucifix symbol on it.
    • If Jesus evolved to level 3, He will obtain a power tank unit called God's Chariot which reuses the same tank body but with a Saint riding on the base instead of a gun turret.
  • If you evolved to Level 4 as Jesus Christ, He has an Angel of Death as a tier 1 unit but it is inaccurate that the Angels of Death are belonged to the Judaism and Islam, not Christianity.
  • The Virgin Mary appears as a unit for Jesus Christ if you evolve to Level 5. However, it is actually a clone version of herself.