Army of ages

The third and last game in the Age of War trilogy in the Age of War series. Army of Ages has 5 ages. 

Stone Age

Castle Age

Rennaissance Age

Modern Age

Future Age

Army of Ages is different than the first two games because in order to train units, you have to buy buildings that automatically spawn units. You also have to get money by using resource gatherers that will get water from wells and give you money once they return to your base. Instead of attacking a computer that has the same units and ages as you, you attack an alien base with alien invaders. Flying units that are new to this series. They can fly over ground units and can only be hit by ranged enemies and turrets.


The opening is a joke about the first two games in the series.

You can see how far the aliens have evolved by counting the number of green eggs on their base and by the spikes that they have.