Generals Mode
is a new game mode that featured in the first Age of War. It is only available for the android version which the player faces 10 of the greatest generals. Each general has its own unique strategies and tactics. Their is no actual unit of a general but only it shows a mugshot in the enemy base with a dialogue. It returned in the mobile version of Age of War 2 featuring an unbuildable boss general unit such as Leon's white horse, Hannibal's war elephant, and Voltonator's mecha.

List of GeneralsEdit

Most of the generals are modeled and named after the real-life historical figures and fictional characters.

  • Borm The Basher (King Kull from DC Comics)
  • Ramnificant The Glorius (Rameses II)
  • General Gerard (Leonidas I)
  • Zander The Great (Alexander the Great)
  • Julian the Jubilant (Julius Caesar)
  • Horrible Hannibal (Hannibal Barca)
  • Hades (Greek God of the Underworld with the same name)
  • Changwu The Sun Master (Sun Tzu)
  • Gongas Kong The Emperor (Genghis Khan)
  • Leon The Lord (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • Raspin the Rancid (Grigori Rasputin)
  • Hizdim The Horrible (Adolf Hitler)
  • Stalisov The Supreme (Joseph Stalin)
  • Voltonator The Vicious (Various sci-fi villains)


  • Zander, Julian, Changwu, and Gerard are the only generals that are based on heroic historical figures.
  • This game mode costs $5.99 in order to unlock it.
  • Each general are represents in their respective ages and history, but some of them are not featured in the original game such as the following:
    • Zander - Argead dynasty
    • Julian - Ancient Roman Empire
    • Hannibal - Punic wars and Roman–Seleucid War
    • Changwu - Battle of Boju
    • Gongas Kong - Mongolian Age
    • Leon - Napoleonic Wars
    • Raspin - Imperial Russia
    • Hizdim - WWII Nazi Germany
    • Stalisov - Cold War Soviet Union
  • Hizdim the Horrible is referenced to Ivan the Terrible.
  • Zander, Julian, Changwu, and Hizdim are the only generals who did not return in the sequel.
  • The appearance of the returning generals in the mobile version of Age of War 2 has various changes such as Brom which is now older wearing a skull helmet and Ramnificant became a mummy.
  • In Age of War 2, each general has it's own unit which is the following below:
    • Brom - Appears as a giant club man with a skull helmet and wielding his unique club weapon.
    • Gerard - Appears as an overweight spartan warrior.
    • Hannibal - Appears as himself in his war elephant with a spear.
    • Ramnificant - Appears as a mummy warrior with an Egyptian mask that worn by King Tutankhamen. It is a spriteswap of the Anubis Warrior.
    • Gongas Kong - Appears as himself riding a black horse.
    • Hades - Appears as himself driving a chariot with a purple Cerberus and has an ability to summon ghosts of every units.
    • Leon - Appears as himself riding a white horse which is a spriteswap of Gongas Kong.
    • Raspin - Appears as himself with a knife and has a dark magic ability.
    • Stalisov - Appears as himself in his unique tank with a red flag that resembles USSR.
    • Voltonator - Appears as a giant mecha that is similar to God's Wraith.