The Medieval Age is an evolutionary age that appears in all Age of War and The Wars games. It is a second age in Age of War, Army of Ages, and The Wars then, as a fourth age in Age of War 2 then as a third age in The Wars II: Evolution. They are based on Medieval period from the 5th to the 15th century in all games except for Age of War 2 which focuses on more fantasy times.

Age of WarEdit



Swordsman (50 gold per unit)

Archer (75 gold per unit)

Knight (500 gold per unit)


Catapult (500 gold per turret)

Fire Catapult (750 gold per turret)

Oil ( 1000 gold per turret)


Evolves from the Stone Age

Evolves to the Renaissance Age once you get 14000 exp.


When units are loading, if you pause, your units will still load. Its the same with spells.

Age of War 2Edit

The Medieval age in Age of War 2 are more on fantasy rather than historical. Soldiers

Archer: (150 Gold)(1s build time)(200 HP)(Support Type)(15-30 damage)(Fast hit speed)(200 range)

(If you send a bunch of these, its going to take time to defeat them then)

(Use behind griffon knights to deal damage while being protected)

Footman:(175 Gold)(0.6s build time)(300 HP)(Infantry Type)(25-40 damage)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(This guy is really hard to kill, but he's a slow person in speed)

Mage: (225 Gold)(0.6s build time)(200 HP)(Anti-Armored)(50-60 damage)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(The mage should be unlocked in order to be used, the mage may be low on health, but he has a great damage rate)

Griffon Knight: (650 Gold)(0.6s build time)(400 HP)(Armored)(40-50)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(This knight is powerful alone, but he's more powerful with a griffon, meaning he's sort of immortal to some weak people)


Crossbow:(1000 Gold)(300 range)(25-45 damage)

(This turret fires powerful arrows at enemies)

Rock Catapult:(2000 Gold)(300 range)(40-60 damage)

(This catapult throws rocks at enimies)

Metal Catapult:(3000 Gold)(300 range)(50-70 damage)

(This catapult throws metal balls at enimies, i wonder how metal has 10+ more damage than the rock, i mean, it should've been higher...)

Special Attack

Arrow Storm:(4000 XP)

(Oh yea, all the archers collide and shoot arrows in the sky and kill all them people in 1 shot)


Evolve to Renaissance Age:(10000 XP)

(Researches gunpower, meaning you got some guns now!)

ADVICE:I advie you to put a bunch of archers like 10-15 so that for the time being, the enemy starts to send Griffon Knights at you, then you can easily send Footmen and Mages and Griffon knights.

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Army of AgesEdit

Unit Damage HP Speed Cost Type
Gatherer 4 50
90 Biological, Ground, Light
Footman 16 70
300 Biological, Ground, Melee
Archer 10 45
320 Biological, Ground, Ranged, Light
Halberdier 13 250 470 Biological, Ground, Melee, Heavy
Knight 20 300
530 Biological, Ground, Melee, Heavy
Ballista 10 200
540 Mechanical, Ground, Ranged, Heavy
Trained Eagle 10 60
330 Biological, Air, Ranged, Light
Siege Balloon 10 120
640 Biological, Air, Ranged, Heavy

The WarsEdit

The medieval age in The Wars are same as the first Age of War game, but the knight has been replaced with a new unit called "Axe Guardian". 



Axe Guardian

The Wars II: EvolutionEdit



Armored Swordsman



  • The Archer in the second game is based on a Faun.

Technical WarsEdit

The Medieval Age have a farm with a windmill. How battling other units with country's.

Warrior $40

Archer $80

Swordsman $200