The second age in Age of War 2.

Spartan Age

Spear Spartan: (110 Gold)(1s build time)(110 HP)(Support Type)(15-30 damage)(Slow hit speed)(170 range)

(This spartan is the weakest spartan but still, he can be helpful with an infantry in front of him)

Sword Spartan: (140 Gold)(0.6s build time)(200 HP)(Infantry Type)(25-35 damage)(Normal hit speed)(No range)

(This spartan has high HP and can go through other spartians if he has upgraded armor/attack)

Assault Spartan: (220 Gold)(0.6s build time)(160 HP)(Anti-Armor Type)(25-35 damage)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(This spartan is a great warrior when it comes to fighting Spear Spartians and Sword Spartians)

Armored Spartan: (500 Gold)(0.6s build time)(300 HP)(Armored Type)(25-35 damage)(Fast hit speed)(No range)

(This is a great warior with high health and good damage rate. He is fast in speed too)


Guard: (2000 Gold)(300 range)(16-24 damage)

(This guard is great when it comes to close range, if you have a bunch of these, not even 1 spartian will dare to touch your castle)

Special Attacks:

Zeus' Anger: (2500 XP)

(Zeus' unleashes a great and powerful thunderstorm that can kill anyone thats comes in it)


Evolve to Egyptian Age: (8000 XP)

(You get better equipment in the egyptian age as their HP and attacks are high, But there is still, less turrets)

ADVICE: It is better that you send an infantry or Anti-Armored warrior and then put a few spear spartians behind him, as it can quickly kill the enemies)

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