The Wars is a spinoff of Age of War game that is available on google play store and iTunes. It is a remake of the first Age of War game.


Progress through the ages of time, beginning from the stone age all the way to the nuclear age in “The Wars”. The idea of the game is simple - destroy your enemy base. Think strategically and tactically decide the balance between both attack and defense to succeed. Remember that you cannot repair your base during battle.

As you progress and kill all the enemies you will collect experience points, spend these to move onto the next of 5 available ages. Each age has its own unique units, defense levels and special weapons for when it gets heated!

Try the medium and hard levels for more of a challenge to become a War master!

Differences from the first Age of War gameEdit

  • The background is more realistic.
  • Some of the infantry units had faces.
  • The Canoneer unit from the Renaissance Age is redesigned which is similar to the Canon from Age of War 2, but with an infantry pushing it.
  • Some other units had been replaced with a new unit such as the Dino Rider was replaced by a Mammoth Rider and a Tank was being replaced by an Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
  • The War Machine unit is a Mech Walker instead of a Hover Tank.
  • Renaissance, Modern, and Futuristic Ages tier 3 units can fire directly to the enemy units.



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